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Healing in the House

Posted by on October 14, 2017

Well hey there my lovelies! Thought it was about time I updated you all with my antics.

First of all, since my last blog, can you believe, I’ve spent over a month or so here in Cusco and in Healing House! It’s been fab. It’s pretty much been like living in a hippy commune here haha, it’s been magical. What’s made it so special is that everyone can really truly be themselves here without any judgement or prejudice.

And hey, I know I’m talking in past tense here but that’s because the ‘call’,  the ‘itch’ has started stirring in me again and has given me the ‘C’mon, let’s get out of here’ type of nudge. So I can’t ignore it…it’s time to move on!

I can tell you though, I have made so many like-minded friends and it’s been so wonderful all going out for dinner together – sometimes up to 10 of us!

And everyone here has amazing gifts to offer such as reiki, massage, music therapy, arts and crafts. There is an array of skills here and I have just loved living in it all, the atmosphere, the energy, vibe and the experience. I’m so blessed and lucky to have met the most amazing life long friends…but hey, for some of us, it’s not over as a few of us are checking out together and headed for the mountains…

Trip to Pisac

So just to backtrack….

A few of my new friends and I decided to all take a girls trip to Pisac. We spent a few nights in the Sacred Valley and also spent time visiting a meditation retreat which was amazing!

It’s only a 45-50 minute bus ride away too so it’s very easy to get to, you just jump on the ‘Colectivo’ bus. for 4 soles (about £1!) You know you’re in the right area for the bus too because you can hear Peruvians shouting “Pisac Miss, you want Pisac?” And if you didn’t hear them, you’ll soon see them all waving their little tatty ‘Pisac’ signs in your face haha.

Just an FYI, if you take the Colectivo bus, be prepared to be chucked about from left to right in your seat! If there is a seat belt…DO IT UP haha! They drive like maniacs. Luckily the drivers know the bends really well but they don’t half chuck the buses round them corners, oh my word! I felt quite sick but thankfully I had a window seat and a slight breeze on my cheeks. But best not have a big breakfast ok!!

Pisac is so different. It really does feel like a sacred place. There are nothing but fields, mountains, locals walking their cows…oh and a huge market in the centre of town! Yep, bartering skills have well and truly been dusted off once again 😉

Pisac is almost like the more chilled out, scenic version of Cusco! It’s a small town full of funky hippy shops, baggy aladdin pants, vegan restaurants, crystal shops and cafes. There are also adverts everywhere calling for people to join them on ayusacha or san pedro retreats – these are plant medicines that people drink out here and they have been doing so for thousands of years.

I loved seeing busy locals loading up their wooden trolleys full of fresh home made bread or cups of black corn juice and carting them around the cobbled streets and alleyways. It almost felt like a scene out of Oliver Twist…Cue the song….’Who will buy my fresh tasty bread…who will buy my black corn drinks?’ I felt so stuck in the dark ages but that’s just the way I liked it and exactly how I wanted it to be here.walk your cow

One night, we went for a walk round town when suddenly I heard Summer scream “Hey…ya’ll come and take a look at this…”  I looked around and saw Summer looking towards the ground. She was beaming her head torch on a small, brown scorpion!! Of course, I came running over! “Wow! Ah that is a female Bark Scorpion. They aren’t venomous to us but can still sting!” Shining my torch on the 8 legged beauty, we watched as she scuttled off over the small, grey stones and into the grass. “Well thank god you’re hear to tell us that things not gonna kill us!”  Hahah.

That’s the one thing I really miss here. BUGS. We are too high up for any kind of bugs! The only critters I have seen (so far) are large ants with golden, honey coloured butts and black bumble bees! Yep, their bumble bees here are black!

Oh and we also witnessed some kind of mountain fire too! The locals told us that people go up the mountains and set fire to all the thorns to clear paths and make the mountains more fertile again but Local in Pisacapparently this is illegal. We all stood and watched for a while as a small path fire rapidly spread and engulfed one whole side of the mountain! We were now looking upon a huge, angry orange blaze! Flames were reaching up so high as though almost trying to lick the clouds! Our cheeks were almost reflecting a glowing a warm golden, yellow…it was THAT bad! “Can you imagine the people that started that? They are probably panicking so much right now!” I couldn’t help let my imagination run…’You were only supposed to set fire to this one bush you idiot!’ ‘Sorry boss! I got carried away’…I was just glad we weren’t up there trekking at the time!

“Shit!” I gasped. “It looks as though it’s going to spread right down into the valley. Um…do you think they have a fire service out here?!” “Of course not!” Ariana chuckled. “How are they gonna get a fire truck up the side of that?” HAH! But fortunately it didn’t spread any further downward.

The next morning we could see smouldering smoke rising up into the sky and burnt, crispy pathways. It was clear the fire had been burning the whole night through.

The meditation was good too. It was mainly a break to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cusco itself. The hosts of the meditation were lovely! A warm, motherly Australian lady called Sue held space for us with her husband Paul. Paul was originally from Leicester in the UK, what a small world! He was such a hippy too! Paul had long white hair pulled back into a pony tail and he sounded exactly like Neil from the Young Ones (google moment if you’re not sure haha) Actually, at one point during our meditation, I swear his face morphed into the BFG (Roald Dahl’s animated Big Friendly Giant) haha. Spitting image! hehehe.

After a few nights exploring Pisac, it was time to hold on to our stomachs as we headed back for Cusco on the dodgy Colectivo bus…

Hollistic Mystic

So someone in the house recommended me to a hollistic doctor here just to try out a natural therapy. Realising I’m here for new experiences, I followed my curiosity one afternoon dragging my dear friend Summer with me for company hehe.

Oh my word it was quite a trek! We basically walked and walked until the trail of ‘tourists’ gradually disappeared until we were the only blonde, white westerners around! Well, you know me by now, that’s what I absolutely love haha. I always live by the motto ‘Live like a local NOT a tourist’.

Finally, after piecing together what crappy Spanish we had between us to ask for directions, we found the place. It looked shut but after realising you had to buzz to get in we waited patiently. A middle aged man came to the door and let us in and instantly assumed we knew Spanish haha. Thankfully this doc dude came out and spoke perfect English…he is from Holland so all was good :)

Summer decided she wanted to go back but I went ahead and had a consultation. I seem to get skin breakouts when I travel so I asked if he could do anything about that? “Ahhh yes…there is never illness, just unbalance. I can make you balanced again”. Yen, an older, white haired guy who is uber nice and friendly and one of those doctors you’d want as your family go to.  “Ok, sign me up!” I was eager to see what medicine he had in mind but he had other ideas other than medicine…

“Ok. Take off your shoes and follow me, I will take you to the treatment room”….Um….treatment room? What did he have planned?! Oh god. I followed Yen through to a room full of what looked like massage tables that had been propped upright. “Ok, so we do a vacuum therapy here where we only work on the meridians of the body. It’s like acupuncture but without the needles. So we place these suction cups on your feet and your hands. It will take around 2 hours”. Yen ushered me to one of the tables next to a Hollistic mysticsleeping Peruvian lady. “Ok, thanks!” I must admit, I was curious but dubious this was going to do anything but what the hell, all about trying new weird and wacky things hey!

It was the weirdest feeling! These cups felt strange but you kind of got used to the feeling after a while. Yen would come over every now and then and move the cups to a different part of the hands or feet. At one point, he would look at the colour of your skin after the cups had been removed and he’d give you information about what you should and shouldn’t eat! “Don’t eat animals with 4 legs, don’t drink cows milk, don’t eat raw carrots, don’t eat raw tomatoes and stay away from too much sugar!” Wow, how does he know all this. Well, so far, I have become vegan anyways. It seems to be the way of life here…well…in some parts of Peru but actually, my digestive system seemed to be getting better living off veggies and quinoa everyday :)

Hollistic“I recommend you come back 3 times per week to get your energy balanced”. ‘What? Is he having a laugh?’ I thought!! That’s a lot of commitment, especially as he tends to go over the 2 hour mark. So, I did it for a few weeks but I must admit, I did notice a great deal of improvement in my circulation haha. But gradually, I had to stop going. My 2 hours were turning into 3 hour sessions and it was taking up too much of my time. I am glad I tried it, I can tick that one off the list anyhows hehe. So I guess you could call me a ‘balanced vegan’ now 😀

Reiki with Gandistein

So, do you remember Gandistein who I mentioned in my last blog? He’s the Reiki dude that looked like a mixture between Gandalph from Lord of the Rings and Einstein haha. Well, as he is a Reiki guru, I decided to go along and see what he was all about and if he could balance me in an hour instead of 3!Gandistein

I popped along to his apartment and we sat for a while chatting and drinking coca tea. Eventually, Gandistein put some music on and we started my reiki session.

“I can tell you’ve had some pain in your heart, emotional pain, maybe…7 to 10 years ago. But I can tell you are healed from this now but you still remember. You are very balanced and you made a pact with yourself 50 years ago to come to Peru”. I opened my eyes and saw Gandistein had his eyes closed. ‘Wow’ I thought. How interesting. He was spot on about the emotional pain which those of you who are close to me will know is correct but how would he know that?

“You like music? You need to let your hair down now”. Gandistein looked at me as though that was an instruction haha! “Um, yeh of course, music is in my blood”. “Then come, enjoy the music tonight with Summer too”. Gandy was taking us ladies out that night haha!

I left feeling energised and almost bounced down the road like Tigger from Winnie the pooh hah. I couldn’t wait to tell my pals at the house of my experience!

Freaky Clown show

So as promised, Gandistein picked Summer and I up and we went to go and listen to some ‘music’ hahah…little did we know….

We arrived at the bar which was pretty empty. Immediately we sat at the table at the front of the stage thinking we’d gotten ourselves the perfect spot. We soon realised, these tables were left empty for a reason!

I ordered a Pisco sour as this was a local drink and of course I wanted to go ‘loco’. This drink basically tastes like brandy with a dollop of raw egg white on top…yuck! I only had 2 and was feeling pretty wasted haha (I blame the altitude haha). Well, it sure helped for what was about to come.

A full on circus show is what happened next!! Juggling clowns and shit magic tricks hahah. Gandistein was sitting in the middle of us and he seemed to be loving this strange, freaky clown show whilst Summer and I kept exchanging looks of ‘What the f**k is going on’ and ‘where is the music’ hahah…it was actually pretty hilarious! I could not stop laughing and even though I wasn’t enjoying the show, I was enjoying the experience, the weirdness of it all and the fact we were just in another country witnessing another cultures entertainment hehe.

And oh my goodness…one clown came out and juggled 3 clubs and badly I might add. Sitting at the front was a mistake because the clown dropped one of the clubs which fell right into Summers lap! He apologised and then went back stage only to come back on yielding…..KNIVES!! Well….you can imagine, Summer and I were crapping ourselves hahaha. We watched between our fingers in cowering positions waiting for his act to finish! Phewie!

Clown showAnd for the finale….A clown came on holding what looked like a whoopee cushion. A poor girl was pulled up out of the audience. Her job was to help him squeeze his sweaty head into this giant whoopee cushion…well, down and over his nose stopping just above his top lip.

To music, he blew so hard out of his nose until the cushion gradually blew up like a balloon! What a weird act haha…he was trying to get it to balloon out to the biggest, roundest ball he could. Very odd but kinda funny at the same time (thank goodness for happy hour at the bar hehe).

Finally, after a gruelling hour and a half of this oddly funny and peculiar show, the music came on, hooray!

The band were sooo worth the wait! It was pure Andean Spirit music 😀 The room was filled with bongos, drums, flutes and Andean voices, they were just amazing! The crowd were loving them and they got everyone up on their feet dancing the night away.

In fact, seeing this band became my new favourite Sunday night haunt (but I timed it well enough to catch the start but miss the freaky clown show hah!)

Chilling with new friends

So you know what? I really haven’t been doing much else apart from hanging out with fab new friends, seeing great bands, eating quality fresh food at cheap restaurants, mediating and sharing funny stories, going to house parties, costume parties, recharging my batteries, attending sound healing sessions, bartering at the local markets and trying to avoid buying more colourful Peruvian jumpers haha.

Yep, it’s time to move on. I feel I have been getting stale here. My need for exploration has called long enough. So Saturday 14th October I will be checking out and heading back for Pisac for a week and then….I will be going it along and flying out to Iquitos to get my jungle hit! I can NOT wait! But don’t worry, I will be back in Cusco in a few weeks to tick of Machu Picchu and also the Rainbow Mountains!

But for now, this is what I am looking for…a true Amazonian jungle experience. I will be staying in my own lodge and going on a few tours too. AND I will be visiting tribes, oh…my…god! I think I will take some sweets or toys with me for the children as I know they love gifts plus it’s only polite as I’ll be in their village hey!

So I promise to update you once I’m back from my ‘Readders’ jungle journey with lots of pics of bugs, more bugs, probably a few more bugs again oh and some tribes hehe.

Until then my lovely jubblies,

Hels Bels xx

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