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One with the Beloved – Album review

Posted by on January 11, 2018

So a while back, I was very blessed to be asked by Shervin Boloorian (a very talented sound healer and musician) if I’d be interested in reviewing his latest album. Of course I said yes so immediately downloaded my copy.

To give you some background; I met Shervin about 4 yrs ago during my month long trip to Bali. I didn’t know much about Shervin back then or sound healing to be honest but being the curious kitty that I am, I wanted to immerse myself in as much as I could so popped along to one of his sessions.

I loved it! You can literally feel the vibrations from each instrument flowing through each part of you. It really highlighted to me back then just how music can be its own therapy alone!

Anyways, the years went by and I rediscovered my love for sound healing in Peru. It truly is a powerful discipline if you just allow it to seep into your soul and let it do its work!

Music can just take you places if you simply open yourself up and let your imagination fly! It can conjure up memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions so why shouldn’t it be used as a tool for healing?

So enough of my waffle! Let’s talk about the album itself…

One with the Beloved

26754350_10155447821746713_1192135323_nExcited to listen, I sat myself down in my room, got comfy and lit some candles. Immediately I feel as though I am surrounded by some kind of magical Eastern promise.

The album, for me, has a wonderfully uplifting and spiritual feel that gently invites you to become entranced within it’s message. Each track has it’s own ‘flavour’, it’s own story but a consistent message that everything is Ok, just relax and allow yourself to go with it and let go. I sense it’s almost saying it’s ok to release your fears and it makes me think that each person listening to the tracks at that moment are all receiving the same message – and I think that is the key, we ARE all the same, we are one!

The instruments beautifully pull together and compliment Shervins soft and nurturing singing voice. And hearing the element of water running through some of the tracks is a loving reminder that we are all connected to (and from) nature. And what do most of us love to do if we are stressed or run down? We head to back to nature don’t we?

I loved hearing real instruments over all this tinny pop culture that we hear a lot of in our western world. Some of the instruments played are different to what we may usually hear but this adds to the albums vibrant, exotic feel.

A very colourful album for me. Some tracks made me cry (not in a bad way I’d like to add but clearly expelling hidden pain there) while others made me feel happiness and joy.

For me, this album is my perfect meditation accompaniment as it helps to get me in the right state of mind to accept and receive messages and clear what I need to.

Overall, a very warm and gentle album that will be sure to set a very relaxing and ambient mood in your personal space.

Take a look/listen for yourselves; Shervin Boloorian

Also available on;


Much love xx

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