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Pura Vida baby!

Posted by on June 8, 2017

Oh my goodness! I have been waiting for this moment for so long and now here I am…day 1 of my adventure and already blogging away from the cosy shelter of my hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica!

In fact, it’s absolutely bucketing it down outside right now… so much so, I almost feel as though I’m typing in competition to the rhythm haha!  ‘Do you mind rain, I can’t hear myself type here!’

I’d almost forgotten how this all felt – the prep, the NOT knowing what awaits you and of course those last minute panics of “Omg, do I definitely not need a visa for this country…” or the “How far is my hostel to the bus station”, “Did I remember to pack my solar charger?” and definitely the “How am I going to cram all THAT in!”. But naturally, I was way calmer than the 1st time around but I actually surprised myself hah. In fact, I’ve planned this adventure pretty much down to a T this time around (with some room for the unexpected of course!).

My geek sheet plans / tables and budget predictions all nicely came together at the last minute. And actually, talking of last minute (which ironically is a well known trait of a ‘Readdy’ haha), it’s not all been straight sailing but then that would just be kinda dull if there weren’t a few scares along the way…right?

Comfort zone or adventureFor example, applying for a credit card in my own name and expecting it to be point blank rejected to it actually arriving ON THE DAY OF MY FLIGHT! Or the realisation that it may be advisable to take altitude sickness pills (Diamox) for flying straight into an altitude of 3,399 metres in Cusco, Peru (according to Googles stats) Umm….yessss probably wise! And the doctor literally telling you days before departing “Oh Diamox pills are in very short supply at the moment, good luck sourcing them” ARGH!

After lots of cussing and beating myself up, I was incredibly lucky to find 3 local pharmacies that miraculously had this ‘short supply’ drug in stock! Phewie, all sorted!

Tuesday came round too quick for me to really think about the fact I was going anywhere. As before, it hit me AT the airport…that familiar tightness of the chest and my heart pounding against my ribcage  desperate to get out and recreate ‘that’ scene from alien!

Oh god, and I even made a twat of myself at the airport by falling off my chair in the Costa Coffee hahah…it just slid right out from under me (but then it didn’t help leaning too far back on 2 legs haha) SO embarrassing! Can’t start a trip without a classic Readders move.

But once I was on the flight, all these feelings soon disappeared and survival / adventurer Helen took over :)

The 10 hr flight to Mexico was actually pretty good…rather comical even! For one, the air hostess asked if I wanted a drink so I smiled sweetly and asked for a water. She came back with what looked like a small cup of strong coloured urine (my honest first random thought) hahah!  “Tequila Senorita” I didn’t know what to say so took it and just sat in on my fold down table haha. Hmm…something clearly got lost in translation oops. Oh and then suddenly…what the hell was that stink!? Eww someone dropped a super smelly trump from the seat in front of me hahah, gross! One of those moments when you’re so hoping no one thinks it’s you lol.

pink busAfter a 5 hr change over and a further 2.5 hr stint in the air, I reached Costa Rica airport feeling shattered. And omg…from what I’ve seen so far, it’s stunning! My dream place…I could see mountains, lush jungles, low clouds of humidity gathering, PINK buses hahah and coffee plantations. Wow, I feel as though I am home, back in my natural environment. Perhaps I was a bug in my past life hah or a sloth? Ahhh I cannot wait to see the Sloths!

Exiting the airport, I headed straight for my shuttle bus pick up. I’d already gotten directions so knew exactly where to meet my driver. I was approached by so many FAKE Inter shuttle bus drivers! Unbelievable…well, I could believe it but common sense kicked in immediately. “If you say I’m booked with you…then what is my name?” I confidently posed the questioned to them all and of course, not one could answer me the cheekies. My driver found me in the end and all the fakes dispersed like a flock of pigeons haha! Costa Rica airport

I’ve already had a quick explore and took myself off for dinner at a nearby ‘Soda’. I think a Soda is like a family run café so the food is very cheap and most locals seemed to be hanging around which is always a good sign. For £3.50 I got myself a large plate of rice, chicken and veggies and a glass of water.

So here I am now…abouts to get a good nights sleep for the start of my first adventure – SAVING SEA TURTLES, yay! Tomorrow I will be catching a 2.5 hr bus to Bataan and then jumping on a boat to a remote (and secret location) to volunteer with a sea turtle rescue centre and oh boy am I looking forward to this.

I won’t have wifi for the 2wks that I am there but I will promise to take lots of photos of baby hatchlings all swimming off into the ocean to start their lil lives :)

Catch up with ya’ll soon my lovelies, Pura Vida as the locals say (Pure life / Hakuna Matata)


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