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Posted by on April 22, 2017

TravellerWell, well, well!

So excuse the ridiculously long break! Okay okay…so it’s been a few years (ahem) but guess who’s back and readdy for another adventure! 😉

I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say, life started to sink it’s long and very sharp claws into me (and it’s not been easy prising out 3/4 years worth of talon sinkage hah!) but here I am.

Going from one dull office job to another (which has been slowly killing my soul), I’ve managed to keep my focus and stick with it. After all, I knew the money I was tucking away would help catapult me off on mJobs fill pocketsy adventures once more.

It’s not been easy! With the years ticking by, the dream began drifting further and further away. Reality has been reminding me almost on a weekly basis that I still don’t have a property to my name so you can imagine the anxiety, the frustration – ‘Should I ditch and think of my future?’, ‘What will I do when I get back?’ ‘Will I still be employable?’.

To be honest, I still don’t know what I will end up doing in life but I know one things for certain..My life won’t have any regrets! This trip HAS to be done, so….fancy jumping in the back pack with me again? Same old humour, NEW story? 😀  Time for me to dust off my boots, clean up my ‘invisible man’ (aka, the back pack), top up my jabs and get going…

Get yourselves comfy as we get readdy for a South American adventure (more to be revealed soon) :) xx

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